Margaret Wild and Soul Centred Energy

I work closely with the consciousness of the Angelic Realm to bring messages of Inspired Wisdom which nourish the recognition of the Divine within us all, and restore our sacred relationship with our Soul. I offer individual consultations and groups in Adelaide and other locations around Australia.

My background is in Social Work and Counselling, and for over 20 years I worked in health related agencies. I also studied, practised and taught many forms of meditation and energy healing, including becoming a Reiki master/teacher. ‘Soul Centred Energy’ is a constantly evolving way of working which reflects the essence of who we truly are: the melding of the human and the Divine and the recognition of our Selves as creators of our own lives.

From a humbling and joyful journey with many different expressions of Spirituality I’ve come to embrace the timeless truth that the Divine lives within us all.

I believe we can all open our Hearts and Minds from a place of love and wonder and receive the Highest Wisdom to enrich our daily lives.

Meditation, for me, is about deeply connecting to the Sacred Source of Creative Inspiration, Love and Grace which flows through all Life: recognising it inside our Selves, in one other, and the world around us.

It’s about coming Home on the Breath.

I offer regular Meditation Courses and Retreats which provide opportunities to explore and expand our inner awareness, and bring the fruits of these experiences into our daily lives in a tangible way.

I love connecting with people, in groups and individually, to share Sacred Space and facilitate Energy Healing Work, opening our Hearts and Minds to receive the Highest Wisdom within all.

Margaret Wild

I live and work amongst the very beautiful natural bush surroundings of the Adelaide Hills where the peace and nourishment of nature lovingly supports all to embrace their own Soul Centred Energy.

Margaret Ann Wild
PO Box 105, Crafers,
South Australia, 5152

0408 833 899

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