Appreciations and Commendations

"Margaret Wild's energy work has healed, strengthened and brought me ever closer to the centre of my being. Her breath work draws the spirit inward and the excesses outward and at all times, calms and cleanses. I have certainly been lifted to a higher state of consciousness and the energy transformations continue beyond the sessions themselves".
...Jude Elliot

"The energy and healing work that Margaret Wild provides has helped me on so many different levels, in an unintrusive manner, more effectively than any other treatment I have ever received."
...Rob Ellis

“Margaret Wild’s work with me – and my father - during a very challenging time, has been of immense help in terms of understanding, and acceptance; and in terms of a restoration of hope. Her rare ability to listen; her steadfast support; and her spiritual insight, have enabled me to move forward in the knowledge that nothing of worth is ever lost; and that, at the deepest level, love is a unifying force which transcends time and place.”

“Profound, unique and deeply restorative.”

"Margaret Wild's process validates your life - not all the old patterns and blocks - but real life energy. She facilitates a space with breathwork where hindrances are released and your core energies are granted the space to make you shine. I highly recommend a visit to Margaret."

"This precious work has taken me on an ever-unfolding journey home to the heart of who I truly am."
...Susie Duggin

“Being in the presence of a transcendent, pure love through which I experience the spark of my own divinity and its oneness with that which flows through everything and everyone is for me one of the most precious gifts facilitated by Margaret Wild's work.
As well as the intrinsic beauty of this experience there is always some flow into my everyday life.”

...Dr. Helen O'Grady

“Margaret Wild's breath work and retreats have been truly nourishing to the Soul and sustaining to me personally, bringing me into a journey to expand my consciousness and enrich my contact with Home, and with Spirit, and Peace, Love and Joy. I heartily recommend these retreats to all those who have experienced the ache of Disconnection from Who they Truly Are and need to reconnect with their Higher Selves.
Many thanks and much much love to you, Margaret!”

...Dr Victoria Williamson

Margaret Ann Wild
Adelaide Hills, South Australia
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