DreamWalker Death Transitions School

DreamWalking is an ancient spiritual process that has its roots in many indigenous traditions as a way of honouring Death as a sacred journey for the individual, and ultimately the family and community as a whole. Dreamwalkers help people to gently release their physical body, then safely and joyfully support their energy in the non physical realms by escorting them on the final portion of their journey.

In this 3-day school, you will learn how to offer steady, spiritual companionship to the one in transition, safely supporting them through the release from their physical body into the realms beyond the human experience. Dreamwalker Guides honour each personís uniquely personal spiritual beliefs to create their own sacred After Death experience.

Detailed information is given about what happens before, during and after the Death transition, bringing new understandings of Life as well as Death.

This amazing material is appropriate for anyone interested in learning more about the death transition process, or for those desiring to offer Service back to their community as a certified DreamWalker Death Guide.

This class is presented in a safe and sacred atmosphere by certified DreamWalker Death teacher Margaret Wild and includes eight DVD sessions delivered by Adamus Saint-Germain channelled through Geoffrey Hoppe. There will also be an actual DreamWalking experience, group discussions and guidance on DreamWalking as a profession.

DreamWalker Death Transitions School

Margaret Ann Wild
Adelaide Hills, South Australia
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