Private Session
In a context of loving compassion, we work together to restore your connection with your True Self through an individualized combination of Holistic Counselling, Breathing, Energy Movement and Balance, Sacred Voice Work and Soul Guidance.
90 minutes ~ $120

Private Channelled Session
A very special time for you to consult deeply about your life issues. Profound wisdom and loving guidance incorporating practical suggestions to support your Journey into Wholeness.
1 hour ~ $120 (includes CD recording)

Telephone Sessions
Please contact me for details.
1 hour ~ $120

Death Transitions
Support before, during and after Death
There is nothing more certain in all our lives than knowing that one day we will die. Unfortunately, we live in a society which rarely acknowledges Death as a part of Life. In ancient cultures people known as “Dreamwalkers” or Death Transition Guides supported others through the transformative experience of death by accompanying the departing souls into the realms beyond the human experience.

In keeping with this tradition, a new wave of Death Transition Guides has emerged to help people gently release their physical body and to provide comfort, guidance, and love to them during the time of death and beyond.

The person transitioning is supported from their early stages of death, through their funeral, then their release of all Earthly connections. Death Transition Guides are not affiliated with any religious organization or doctrine but serve as an impartial guide for the departing soul. They are trained to remain neutral regarding any specific religious teachings, instead allowing the person’s own spiritual beliefs to create the after-death experience.

A Death Transition Guide helps people manage connections between the physical and non-physical realms during this major time of transformation.

As an accredited Death Transition Guide I provide a Soul Centred compassionate presence to those seeking comfort, acceptance and a peaceful transition, honouring the precious uniqueness of each person.

If you would like to know more about Death Transition support, please contact me:
Phone: 0408 833 899


Margaret Ann Wild
Adelaide Hills, South Australia
Mob: 0408 833 899

Appreciations & Commendations
"This precious work has taken me on an ever-unfolding journey home to the heart of who I truly am."
...Susie Duggin

“Being in the presence of a transcendent, pure love through which I experience the spark of my own divinity and its oneness with that which flows through everything and everyone is for me one of the most precious gifts facilitated by Margaret's work.
As well as the intrinsic beauty of this experience there is always some flow into my everyday life.”
...Dr Helen O’Grady

“Margaret Wild's breath work and retreats have been truly nourishing to the Soul and sustaining to me personally, bringing me into a journey to expand my consciousness and enrich my contact with Home, and with Spirit, and Peace, Love and Joy. I heartily recommend these retreats to all those who have experienced the ache of Disconnection from Who they Truly Are and need to reconnect with their Higher Selves. Many thanks and much much love to you, Margaret!”
...Dr Victoria Williamson

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